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By Homa Mulisa

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise along with its agents worldwide is upgrading its services to higher quality and standards with new global achievements in covering worldwide ports, says Mesfin Arega, Enterprise Acting CEO.

The Enterprise is holding its annual meeting here with its over 40 agents worldwide, that are selected to operate with the Enterprise in accordance with the Nation's trade flow. According to Mesfin, the meeting is a platform for the Enterprise and the Agents to renew commitments in a bid to continuously upgrade services as per the needs of the global market.

The shipping and logistic services provided by the Enterprise is dependent on the needs of the market available, according to Mesfin. Hence, a total of 131,000 containers of imported cargo had been transported through port of Djibouti in the last six months. Additionally, the Enterprise served about 40 per cent of the Nation's exports through the Djibouti corridor.

This year, new agents in the sector from Brazil, Croatia, and Israel have joined in to work with the Enterprise, whereas agents from Morocco are showing interest to Ethiopia, according to Mesfin.

Fitsum Arega, Ethiopian Investment Commission Commissioner also presented the Nation's vision in becoming the leading manufacturing hub in Africa pointing out the increasing demand in shipping and logistics services in the country and the need to advance the quality of services.
About ten agents have agreed to visit the GERD project site that is believed to help them understand what the logistic services they are providing to this country is accomplishing on the ground.

Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise is the only national enterprise in Africa providing a quality shipping and logistics services according to International Maritime Organization standards.

Source: allafrica