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Your Choice of Logistics and Freight forwarder in Ethiopia.

core services


At SYNTRANS we provide Logistics solutions to our customers from the origin to its final destination or the portion of service required. Some of our core services are


Port Handling

SYNTRANS Logistics Plc. offers cost effective and timely port handling services both for sea and air shipments. We have partners in Djibouti who ensure provision of prompt port clearance service.

Inland Transport

Our policy of ‘safety first’ allowed us to have established a partnership with strong dry freight transport companies in Ethiopia in addition to the trucks owned by SYNTRANS.

Air Cargo Handling

Our excellent relationship with major Airlines and our dedicated staff members at the airport provides us with access to smoothly send and receive your cargos.

We offer Value added services for governmental and private mega projects

Additional services

Shipping & Logistics

Here at SYNTRANS, we know every business is different, that’s why our dedicated centres of excellence provide you with specialist industry specific advice and know-how to deliver the best solutions for your business.

Temperature Controlled Cargo

We will carefully handle goods or products that require specific temperature conditions during storage and transportation to maintain their quality, integrity, and safety.

Heavy Haul Shipping

What makes SYNTRANS Logistics Unique is the transportation of oversized or overweight cargo that exceeds the standard legal limits for size and weight. We have showed our potential on different Mega Projects.

Expedited Shipping

We provide Expediated Shipping service that ensures the rapid transportation of goods or products. We’ll handle your work with a shorter transit time than standard shipping options.

International Freight Shipping

We provide International freight shipping service where we are experienced for more than 15 Years. We provide transportation of goods or products across national borders, typically by air, sea, or land.

L/C & insurance facilitation

Our Additional L/C and insurance facilitation service handles the processes that facilitate international trade by providing financial and risk management services to exporters and importers in Ethiopia.

consultation & advising

If your company or organization is in need of support for any of our service, SYNTRANS Logistics Plc will provide a full Consultation and Advice. We make sure our clients and work partners get the best out of our Company.

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Here at SYNTRANS Logistics we have excellent relationship with known shipping lines and airlines. Our global business network allows us to offer a wide range of logistics services all over the world.

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We are based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with our head quarter located in the heart of Addis Ababa Bole Road, Africa Avenue, Dembel City center and our branch office Located in Kality, infront of kality customs branch office.

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