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I was very honored to see Logistics Matter mentioned as one of the top blogs, especially considering the company: some of my personal favourites were on the list. My favourite blog, or should I say blogger, was not on the list but was mentioned in the Unexpected Places section: Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics.

My wife Anne-Marie motivated me to start blogging (thanks, babe!), and it was Adrian Gonzalez, at the time blogging at Logistics Viewpoints, that was my role blogger/blog model and inspired me (thanks, Adrian!). I have been following him ever since. I love reading his blogs and have been enjoying his vlogging** as well.


We at SYNTRANS provide comprehensive service for the movement of goods by sea, air, rail, and/or land on a regional and international level. In particular, we cater to the logistics requirements of import and export trade in Ethiopia, Djibouti, East Africa, and the Horn of Africa as a whole.

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We are located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with our head quarter located in the heart of Addis Ababa Bole Road, Africa Avenue, Dembel City center and our branch office Located in Kality, infront of kality customs branch office.

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